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Are You Lost in a Healthcare Maze?

About Us
Medical Refund $ervice, Inc. has helped many consumers since 1998. Our mission is to help both consumers and medical service providers correct medical billing errors, appeal denied insurance claims, and stop price-gouging the uninsured.

Navigating the health insurance system can be a maddening experience. It's like a full-time job. Phone support from insurance companies can be nonexistent, and medical costs may skyrocket quickly. It is easy for an individual to feel overwhelmed by the healthcare system and the associated costs. We realize how difficult it can be to do it yourself, especially if you're sick.

We are your Medical Billing Advocate group -- working for you, the healthcare consumer or provider. As your advocate, we are trained to assist you and resolve a wide range of healthcare- and insurance-related issues. We are here to help educate and inform all consumers.

Our Experience
Cindy Holtzman Cindy J. Holtzman, Director of Operations, has been an active Medical Billing Advocate since 1998 with the Medical Billing Advocates of America (MBAA). Her billing advocate knowledge is supplemented with 20 years of health insurance experience as a licensed health insurance agent in the State of Georgia. As an agent with numerous insurance companies, Ms. Holtzman knows insurance company policies. She has been an occasional contributor to the Governor's Office of the Consumer's Insurance Advocate and has been on national TV and many online interviews and more. Since 1991, Ms. Holtzman has been frequently recognized in the media.
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