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World's Most Expensive Toothbrush
Ever gone to your local pharmacy and paid over a thousand dollars for a toothbrush?

One patient was charged this much for a toothbrush at one hospital!

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Medical Refund Service, Inc. exists to help both consumers and medical service providers correct medical billing errors, appeal denied insurance claims, and stop price-gouging the uninsured.

In a perfect world, medical billing errors and overcharges would not exist. Unfortunately, they do exist and Medical Refund Service, Inc. can help you!

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Services for Physicians, Companies, and Individuals

Whether you are an ordinary patient with or without insurance, a practicing physician, or running your own company, Medical Refund Service, Inc. offers a variety of services that can help you eliminate medical overcharges, disputed billing errors, and help with health insurance claims.

Our professional and experienced staff will diligently work to save you money!

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"You settled my account for 15% of the amount they were demanding. I can't thank you enough!"
Dr. Beverly A. Browning
Grant Writer, Author, and Presenter
"Your customer service and care is the best..."
Sachiko Ueno
Atlanta, Georgia
Member of Medical Billing Advocates of America
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